Free Agency...The Next Generation

The next 24 hours could play a big part in the future of the 2005 Vikings. Why? A buyer's market has spawned a Tier Two opportunity.

With more talk being centered on Mike Tice and the turgid over-reporting of the Vikings ownership situation, a classic Tice quote has been missed – "wait until after free agency is over."
Those words, in their simplicity, sum up Free Agency Phase II of a master plan neither Tice nor the capologists that have already earned their Super Bowl rings could have predicted.

Two players – wide receiver Plaxico Burress and safety Darren Sharper – provide the Vikings appealing options. Both have been abandoned by their former employers. Both are convinced their NFL careers are far from over. Both could be Vikings for the right price in the short term.

VU has been told that both Burress and Sharper will likely be offered cap-friendly, one-year deals as part of the "new and improved" Vikings free agent strategy. The rationale is simple on both. Burress has never had a quarterback of Daunte Culpepper's caliber and could showcase himself to the rest of the league with a big season. Sharper could give the Vikings a chance to delay the inevitable deficiency at safety for another year – without changing the team's draft position.

Welcome to Phase II. If nothing breaks in the next 24 hours, it wasn't meant to be.

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