Getting Value Is Key With Burress

The Vikings allowed Plaxico Burress to leave town Friday without a signed deal, an indication that Burress will probably need to come way down in his contract demands for the Vikings to be seriously interested in the wide receiver.

Less than a week ago, someone with knowledge of the Vikings' interest level in free-agent receiver Plaxico Burress said Burress should be "crossed off the list" of potential candidates to replace Randy Moss, who was traded to Oakland earlier this offseason.

Burress, however, was on his way to the Twin Cities Thursday night for a visit with the Vikings on Friday. He turned down an offer from the Giants on Thursday that would have paid him $24 million over six years with an $8 million signing bonus.

The Vikings are interested only if Burress and his unrealistic agent, Michael Harrison, come to their senses and realize it's a buyer's market for the talented receiver with a reputation for being an undisciplined route runner and difficult to coach.

Yes, Burress is 6-5, 226 pounds. Yes, he's young (27) and fast. But he can be a pain, which is why he's still available despite being the most talented receiver in free agency.

Vikings coach Mike Tice said he would spend "a lot of time" with Burress during the visit to "get to know him as a person."

Why go down this road, especially when the Vikings have the seventh pick in the draft and a good opportunity to land a top receiver such as Mike Williams?

After all, didn't the Vikings just boot a big, fast, moody receiver out the door a few weeks ago? Why say goodbye to Moss, who is infinitely better than Burress, and say hello to Plaxico?

The Vikings are hoping to get Burress in a fire sale. But even if he comes cheaply, the Vikings should put him back on the shelf and keep shopping.

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