Who's Running the Show?

The trade for Sam Cowart asserts the influence of Ted Cottrell once again and begs the question: When does the 3-4 come to Minnesota?

In his tenure in the NFL, Ted Cottrell has seen the peaks and valleys of what the business has to offer.

Since his arrival to the Vikings, Cottrell has essentially had carte blanche in the organizational decision-making process. Considering the last 13 months, it has become clear that Cottrell not only has a voice in making key decisions, he's very close to calling the shots.

Heads got turned last year when the Vikings played the mafia card concerning Antoine Winfield. He proved to be a Cottrell success story. Steve Martin and Tyrone Carter proved otherwise. The trade for Sam Cowart once again asserts the stroke that Cottrell wields at Winter Park -- as he continues to "put the band back together."

If the NFL opts to bring the hammer down on Mike Tice for his role in the Super Bowl ticket "Choose your -gate" scandal, Cottrell has set himself up to be the interim headmaster of Vikings U. And why not? It looks like he's already calling the shots.

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