Free Agency Update

A look at the Vikings' self-described depth chart leaves some unanswered questions and poses others.

The Vikings have made several roster moves in the offseason and, if one goes to the team's official website, they are now included on the team depth chart.

But, with four weeks left until the NFL draft, there are still plenty of questions to be answered.

Primary among these is who is the Vikings' kicker? Although the team still lists Morten Andersen and Jose Cortez on the depth chart, both are free agents and the likelihood that either will return is minimal.

The listing of players on the depth chart hasn't shown much in the way of consistency. For example, David Dixon and Keith Newman, both unrestricted free agents, are still listed on the Vikings' depth chart. But, Chris Hovan and Adam Haayer are no longer listed.

With all the free agent movement this offseaon, there has been little to no interest in Hovan, whom the Vikings have clearly shown no intention in retaining. It would seem that either his asking price is too high or enough people have seen film of him and have lost interest on their own.

In a couple of other depth chart-related changes, the Vikings still list Dixon on the depth chart, but currently have him as a backup to Adam Goldberg. On the defensive side of the ball the same is true for Kenny Mixon, who is now listed as the backup to second-year man Darrion Scott.

After the draft, the pecking order on the depth chart will be more clearly defined, but, if the current listings are correct, not only will the Vikings have at least five new defensive starters, they could end up with more than half of their starting lineup for the season opener be different that than the lineup that took the field vs. the Eagles in January. Turnover is inevitable in the NFL, but this year's Vikings team takes it to the next level.

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