Green Won't Go To Tampa

What goes around, comes around -- Tony Dungy wouldn't take a Vikings job and apparently Denny Green won't take Dungy's job.

Vikings fans everywhere were both disappointed and understanding when word came to VU that Tony Dungy wouldn't even consider taking the Vikings head coaching job out of deference to Denny Green.

While many believed Dungy could be the answer to a team with an offense in place and a defense in need of overhauling, once he said that he wouldn't take the Vikings vacancy, it was clear he was a man of principle -- something far too lacking in the modern NFL.

Apparently, what goes around could come around as the Buccaneers continue to struggle in an effort to fill the vacancy left by the firing of Dungy.

VU has been told by a source very close to Dennis Green that, even if the coach/G.M. job with the Bucs is offered, he will decline. It's unclear whether he doesn't want to deal with the now-infamous Glazer Boys or whether it's out of the same respect for Dungy that was given to him in retrospect, what we're hearing is that any rumors on Green going to Tampa should be quelled. It ain't happenin' -- a good sign for the loyalty of friends on and off the field.

* Two words to get used to hearing in the next two months -- Kalimba Edwards. The South Carolina product is being compared to former Viking DE Chris Doleman, who was drafted as a linebacker out of Pitt. If the Vikings stay at No. 7 in the April 20 NFL draft, Edwards is getting a lot of play as the potential route the Vikes will go, since he could play defensive end or outside linebacker -- both priority positions of need for the Vikings.
* One interesting player to keep an eye on for the 2002 draft is Texas cornerback Quentin Jammer. A Texas product familiar to Red McCombs, many early draft projections have the Vikings taking him with their first-round pick. However, what VU is hearing is contrary to that. The Vikings' only cornerback taken on the first round was Dewayne Washington -- and he was the Vikes' second first-round pick in 1994 (18th overall). As an organization, the Vikings have never made the secondary a first-round priority, although Jammer and Oklahoma safety Roy Williams could make the team re-think that position.

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