Tice To Be Fined Only?

The NFL is going to rule soon on the Mike Tice ticket scalping issue, but VU has been told the punishment appears to have been narrowed down to one form.

The NFL is still in the process of conducting its investigation into Mike Tice's role in scalping Super Bowl tickets for a profit, but VU has been told this week that part of the investigation's findings have been reviewed and a punishment has been planned already.

A source close to the matter told VU that Tice's punishment is likely not to include a suspension. While the league plans to make an example of Tice, it will be in the form of a fine. We're being told it will likely be set at somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000. If it is the latter, it will represent almost 10 percent of Tice's annual salary -- the equivalent to fining a player like Brett Favre $1 million.

When asked when the ruling will come down, VU wasn't given any timetable, but it is expected to be announced after the NFL draft. The investigation itself is expected to be wrapped up in the next week or two.

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