Wait and Watch

With the NFL draft now less than two weeks away, the Vikings are hunkered down and evaluating their needs for the the 2005 season.

In previous seasons, the Vikings have headed into the draft with multiple and numerous needs. Pick just about any position on defense in the recent past and you could argue that each needed to be addressed.

From depth on the defensive line to an upgrade at linebacker to a desperate need at cornerback, the Vikings have been consistent on draft day -- a lower-ranked defense in need of immediate attention.

But, with the flurry of activity this offseason, the Vikings find themselves in new territory -- needing fewer positions that require immediate attention. Wide receiver remains a question mark, as the team has yet to adequately replace Randy Moss, but other than that, the Vikings have taken steps to address problems and potential problems at quarterback, tight end, defensive tackle, cornerback, safety and linebacker during the offseason in free agency.

With so many options and so many scenarios that could drop a potential star player in their lap at pick No. 7, the Vikings are in the process of determining which players would be the best fit for their team, not necessarily locking into the mindset that they must take a wide receiver with the first pick, a DE with the second, etc.

While it still looks like the Vikes will end up with a wide receiver early in the draft, the flexibility their offseason moves could see the team on the move on draft day -- as long as someone keeps an eye on the 15-minute clock.

* Wondering who the Vikings are going to take, as well as the other 32 teams on draft day? Check out VU's draft link later this week for our updated mock draft, which will now include the second round. VU will update its mock up until draft day and will keep the draftniks happy with gavel to gavel coverage from Winter Park April 23-24.

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