A Simple Plan

The Vikings signing of DE Aaron Kampman to an offer sheet could signal a versatility the Vikings are looking for next Saturday.

The Vikings have two picks in the first round in next week's college draft. The conventional wisdom was that the Vikes would try to take a wide receiver with their first pick and get in on a run of defensive ends with their second pick.

But the signing of Aaron Kampman to an offer sheet sends a much different signal. If the Packers don't match, the Vikings can effectively take DE off their early wish list -- which opens the door to much more flexibility.

Some are speculating that the decision has left the door open for the Vikings to go after a running back with their first pick -- most likely Cedric Benson -- and give them an option to go for a wide receiver with their second pick of the first round -- most likely Mark Clayton.

Do the Vikings agree? We'll have to wait a week to see, but if the Packers don't match the offer, the Vikings' options for draft day will take a big turn and could open the door not only for a running back in the first round, but the potential to grab kicker Mike Nugent in the second round.

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