Beware the Team on the Move

The one upside of having a draft that nobody can seem to figure out is that, by the time the Vikings pick at No. 7, somebody else will be shocked by a player still on the board.

The convergence of ideas as to who will be the No. 1 pick and how the order will fall after that has led to more speculation and differences of opinion than there has been prior to any draft in recent memory.

Where will the QBs go? Will all three of the top RBs be off the board by No. 5? Where will the top two WRs go? Will the Titans be the first team to take a defensive player? Will it be the the Vikings? Or the Cardinals?

However the draft plays itself out, one thing is certain. There will be some tean surprised that a player they envisioned being taken in the top two or three picks is still available at No. 7. The phone lines will start burning up somewhere around the third or fourth pick of the draft, but by the time it gets to No. 7, the slotted money will start to drop considerably and, even teams with salary cap problems will be looking to get in on the act.

VU has been told that there is very little chance that the Vikings will move up in the draft order, but there has been no public discussion about the possibility of trading down. While fans and media alike have focused on who will be available at pick No. 7, there hasn't been as much discussion as to what another team would be willing to give up to move into the Vikings' spot at No. 7.

Regardless of how the draft plays itself out, pick No. 7 is going to be coveted by a lot of teams and the Vikings will have to make one decision -- does the offer outweigh the value of the player they want most? If the answer is "yes," don't be surprised to see the Vikings drop a few spots in the first round and let someone else jump in at No. 7.

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