Packers Match on Kampman

The Packers opted to match the Vikings' offer for DE Aaron Kampman beore Wednesday night's deadline.

In the dog eat dog world of the NFL, the Vikings had one of two things in mind when they went after Packers DE Aaron Kampman -- either take away a starter from the Pack or force them to pony up more more to keep him.

The Packers chose the latter, matching the offer for Kampman. While at this point it looks like the Packers are going to fork over an extra $550,000 more than they hoped to spend on him, VU has been told the team is hoping to get a longer-term deal done that will be more cap-friendly for this year.

Had the Vikings signed Kampman, it may well have eliminated the need to go after one of the many defensive ends that will be available at or around pick No. 18. Now it's back on the radar screen.

* All the talk about the Vikings moving up to No. 1 has all but died and there is much less chatter about the team moving up to No. 2 -- neither of which seemed like moves that made sense economically or sensibly considering the uncertainty of who will be going off the board with the first six picks of the draft.
* The Raiders continue to be players in the offseason, making yet another trade -- this time to get back into the first round. The Raiders traded TE Doug Jolley and a second-round pick to the Jets to get back into the first round at No. 26.

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