Vikings Predraft Chat Transcript subscribers took one last predraft stab with questions for Tony Pauline of TFY Draft Preview. See what Pauline thinks of the Vikings trade rumors and who holds value at different positions.

SackmasterV: We've got plenty of questions.

TFYDraft: Let's do it.

kajjansiblackmamba: Tony, what DT do you think the Vikes could take in rounds 2-3 who could be a potential successor for Pat Williams?

TFYDraft: Kajjan, C.J. Mosley is a good developmental prospect that fits in that area. Tyler King, though he does not have the size. In the late rounds, Anthony Bryant of Alabama.

vikingspub: The D-line coach worked out Mosley privately.

vikingspub: So I'd concur there.

kajjansiblackmamba: Thanks.

SackmasterV: My first question is about DE. If we have one targeted at 18, would we want a speed rusher, or a run stopper like Shaun Cody or Marcus Spears?

vikingspub: Sack, I don't know if you saw this, but the Pack matched the offer for Kampman, so I'd say that opens up run-stopper as well.

coyote62: Justin Tuck.

TFYDraft: Sackmaster, I tend to think a LDE who can stop the run but am hearing best DE regardless.

SackmasterV: Good. The less I think about prospects, the more comfortable I am with a proven college player like Shaun Cody.

BozoSkeleton: Tony, how factual is the "Vikes trade up from #7" rumor that keeps surfacing of late? It scares most of us.

vikingspub: I'll also say that the inquiries we're hearing about the Vikings' interest in trading up is legit.

vikingspub: However, I don't see them trading up as far as most people are saying. I think they might just move up a few.

TFYDraft: Bozo, if it does not cost them a lot, they will move up for Braylon Edwards, but if a team like the Browns want a whole lot the Vikes will sit tight.

SackmasterV: I hope the trade up is just a red herring. We have plenty of value at #7.

vikingspub: Sack, I'd agree. There are a bunch of options there that would be good, but they are definitely looking.

kajjansiblackmamba: What about trading down? Say from the 18th?

TFYDraft: kajjan, it is a possibility if no one is on the board. The Raiders just got a first-round pick from the Jets at 26 and would look to move up further. Also, SF may want to move from the early 2nd into the middle of the first if one of the OTs is available.

vikingspub: I think the Vikings would be interested if the scenario could net them an extra second-rounder.

TFYDraft: Vikingspub, the Raiders gave Doug Jolley and the 47th pick to the Jets for the 26th pick, so they are left with the 38th in two.

kajjansiblackmamba: I was thinking with the Eagles, who are rumored to want to trade up into that range. They have an extra 2nd and an extra 3rd.

SackmasterV: One player I like is Vincent Jackson. Another I like is Brandon Jacobs. Each is kind of freakishly large for their position but still kind of athletic. Could either be a surprise pick for us?

TFYDraft: Sackmast, the Eagles, who have a slew of picks in the first day, are targeting both players. I was at their complex today, and they could take Jacobs as high as the second.

SackmasterV: Smart Team. Jacobs is one of the most underated players in the draft.

SackmasterV: Who would be the top OG/C prospect to replace Matt Birk? We could use depth at both positions and Birk's situation is kind of up in the air.

TFYDraft: Sackmaster, first thought is obviously David Baas. Late-round guys who could be good value to fit that role are Dylan Gandy of TT and possibly a flier on Richie Incognito in the 6/7th round.

vikingspub: Wow, you think Incognito will fall that far?

TFYDraft: Vikingpub, yes; way too many off-the-field and anger-management issues.

kajjansiblackmamba: Tony, where do you see Thomas Davis being drafted?

TFYDraft: Kajjan, right now New Orleans, maybe Jacksonville for Davis.

SackmasterV: Is Baas worth #18? I was impressed with his athleticism and blocking on the combine tapes. Plays real mean too, especially for talent drills.

TFYDraft: A few things you guys should know and stories we will be posting later.

TFYDraft: First, teams are taking Dan Cody off their draft boards.

kajjansiblackmamba: Why?

TFYDraft: He had a bout with depression 4 years ago which is scaring teams away.

kajjansiblackmamba: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, ok.

SackmasterV: Underwood / Cody?

BozoSkeleton: I am a OU fan; it's not like Underwood at all.

vikingspub: Be sure to make the distinction between Dan Cody and Shaun Cody.

TFYDraft: The source I spoke with, a team selecting in the middle of round one, said they feel it is a mistake and just something he went through in adolosence.

TFYDraft: But the fact is teams are taking him off their board and he could drop.

TFYDraft: Second player dipping a bit is Justin Miller.

vikingspub: What's the scoop on Miller?

TFYDraft: While people think it is because of his recent arrest, fact is he has been a horrible interview and has recently come away as a major idiot.

TFYDraft: Again, two teams I spoke with who have always been up front with me and I've done some work with.

TFYDraft: In past/present said they have taken Miller off their draft board.

vikingspub: While we're on the topic of character issues, what is your take on Chris Henry and what is his worth?

TFYDraft: Vikingpub, Henry will drop to the late rounds and here is why. After the combine we posted a story about injuries and what scouts were saying about specific players. Henry came off as a loner and we all know he acts like a child at times but ...

TFYDraft: The big issue is evidently he told WVU coach Rich Rodriguez to "f-off" during the season, which does not sit well with anyone, as expected.

SackmasterV: This draft is pretty weak, but the Vikings' needs are few. Depth is the major concern at most positions. Could we be better off trading down for picks next year? Or should we draft as much talent and depth as we can this year?

TFYDraft: Sackmaster, I'd disagree in the sense that, this is a very good draft for depth players at most positions (G/T/WR/RB/DE/LB/DB).

TFYDraft: There are no real stars in this draft.

SackmasterV: This could be our year by that standard.

kajjansiblackmamba: Trading down from 18 for more picks this year makes sense to me, depending on who's there at 18, of course.

TFYDraft: kajjan, very true statement.

ccdday: It all depends on who's there.

ccdday: Do you think the Vikings have any interest in WR Matt Jones?

vikingspub: Once you answer the Matt Jones question, can you talk about Marion Barber and where you see him going and to what potential teams.

TFYDraft: ccday, I don't think the Vikings have any interest in the middle of round one for Jones.

TFYDraft: Vikingspub, I think Barber is one of the more underrated RBs in this draft. Very much a complete back, but the fact he had to share time with a ball carrier that is better then him hurt his stock. I see him as a very solid late second-round choice.

VikingFreak: Do you think Miami and Cleveland will find a trade partner? Looks like the Raiders and Redskins are gearing to move up in the draft by some accounts.

TFYDraft: VikingFreak, depends on the asking price. Cleveland could, but Miami and Nick Saban are going to ask too much.

nokio8423: how comes UCLA's Carl Bragg doesn't get any hype? He was solid WR.

TFYDraft: nokio, average size/speed numbers. Bragg is more of a #3/4 WR at the next level who must make a mark returning punts.

SackmasterV: Which player in the draft has the most similarities in his game to Anquan Boldin and Michael Clayton?

TFYDraft: Sackmaster, Boldin was a lot bigger and slower than Clayton. Best comparison there could be J.R. Russell of Louisville.

ccdday: Any word on trading a RB? Michael Bennett to Arizona? If Arizona doesn't go RB at 8, could there be a trade?

TFYDraft: ccdday, I have not heard anything definite.

vikingspub: CC, from what I'm hearing today on two different fronts, I think the Bennett to Arizona trade will not happen. From the Arizona side, I don't think they're as desperate for Bennett as we might have thought. From the Vikings' perspective, they just might need him.

nokio8423: Should we be concern about Erasmus James and Anttaj Hawthorne? Big Ten D-linemen have a bad history.

SackmasterV: Wisconsin D-linemen have a bad history.

TFYDraft: nokio, more Wisconsin DL, though one must factor in Courtney Brown. I don't buy into "Well, D-line from this conference don't do well at the next level so stay away," though I think there are issues with both players you asked about.

BozoSkeleton: Tony and pub, on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highest), what are the chances of the Vikes taking RB at #7 with our current depth?

vikingspub: Yesterday, I'd say 3. Today, I'd say 7.

TFYDraft: Bozo, I've got to say 4 or 5 with the need at WR and the available talent at that position.

BozoSkeleton: Wow, thanks.

ccdday: Do you think the Vikings like Merriman enough (at all) to take him at 7?

TFYDraft: ccdday, I think it is a bad fit and early for Merriman at 7.

ccdday: Best fit for Vikings at DE then?

TFYDraft: ccdday, either a Marcus Spears, Jay Ratliff in round three, James Davis in the same frame.

vikingspub: I'm becoming more intrigued with the possibility of Spears at 18.

ccdday: So Udeze is RDE then?

ccdday: Does Udeze play RDE or LDE or both next year?

vikingspub: Either way, Udeze is expected at RDE. If no starter emerges from the draft, then Scott is the LDE with Mixon backing up.

SackmasterV: TFY, no Shaun Cody? I think he would be fine at DE. Is there anything that disqualifies him from our line?

TFYDraft: Sackmaster, I don't think Cody would be a good DE in a conventional defense ... pontentially a two-gap DE in a 3-4.

SackmasterV: Thanks.

nokio8423: OK, TFY, in my opinion, I think Carlos Rogers is the best CB in this draft. I honestly believe he is the full package, but obviously I'm not a scout. What is it that makes Pac-Man Jones and Antrel Rolle better?

TFYDraft: nokio, Rolle is a lot more physical and much better in press. Jones is more complete in the number of different schemes he can play in (press/zone/man-off), plus he brings the element of return specialist. That said, I could see Rogers going as high as 9 to Washington.

nokio8423: Thanks, tfy.

kajjansiblackmamba: What about Justin "Friar" Tuck in the 2nd?

TFYDraft: kajjan, Tuck will be long gone by then. Tuck would not be a bad pick for the Vikes at 18. He has terrific long-term potential, though the returns may be slow in coming.

kajjansiblackmamba: Thanks.

vikingspub: Let's see if we can get 10 more minutes out of Tony. Any more questions for him?

BozoSkeleton: Are there still concerns with injuries (Justin Tuck)?

TFYDraft: Bozo, no; he was stellar as a sophomore and had the injury problems last year.

nokio8423: TFY, so who is your biggest sleeper in the draft at any position? That maybe with some good coaching and time could develop into something?

TFYDraft: nokio, here are a few sleepers: Todd Herremans/OT/Saginaw Valley State ... Jon Jackson/OLB-DE/Oklahoma ... Jordan Bech/LB/Cal Poly and Kelvin Hayden/CB/Illinois.

nokio8423: Cool.

kajjansiblackmamba: What safeties do you see available in the 2nd?

TFYDraft: Kajjan, early Josh Bullocks, later on Atogwe of Stanford and Considine of Iowa.

kajjansiblackmamba: Thank you.

SackmasterV: Would a WR or a RB at #7 improve our red zone offense more?

TFYDraft: Sackmaster, a big WR to replace what was lost.

vikingspub: What are the chances of Mike Williams still being there at 7? And what about Cadillac? I think with the O. Smith problems, Benson isn't of interest.

kajjansiblackmamba: Tony, right now who is the fastest riser and the fastest faller on the draft boards as of tonight?

TFYDraft: Kajjan, faster riser: Demarcus Ware/DE-OLB/Troy State. Faller: Anttaj Hawthorne, Wisconsin — drug tests, bad work habits, poor combine and bad background.

kajjansiblackmamba: Thanks.

nokio8423: Calvin Johnson of Georgia Tech the next Randy Moss, TFY? Just curious on a future prospect.

TFYDraft: nokio, ask me next month on that one.

TFYDraft: Okay, fellows ... time to go.

nokio8423: Thanks a lot, TFY.

ccdday: Thanks.

vikingspub: OK, Tony, thanks.

kajjansiblackmamba: Thanks for your time Tony!

TFYDraft: Good luck to the Vikes this weekend, hope it all works out for them.

vikingspub: Anyone want to fire away at me for a couple questions before I go?

nokio8423: Who are the Vikes targeting, pub?

vikingspub: Let's just say I think WR and RB at 7, and I don't think they're all that interested in flying all the way up to the top three.

kajjansiblackmamba: What's the possibility of seeing a trade, Pub?

vikingspub: I think the biggest value is in trading down, depending on who is left.

nokio8423: Have you heard any names?

vikingspub: I think they'd be interest in Mike Williams and Cadillac, but I'm not sure I'd trade up to get them. One of them seems destined to be there at 7.

kajjansiblackmamba: Well, that's good to hear.

kajjansiblackmamba: I'd prefer Mike Williams to Cadilac.

vikingspub: Kajjan, I'd say yes to that, but I think they will need a feature runner. I'd like to see them trade for Travis Henry. Might only take a fourth.

kajjansiblackmamba: A 4th for Henry would be a steal.

kajjansiblackmamba: We've always gotten good value at RB in the 4th, so that trade makes sense.

vikingspub: Hey, at least the Williams jersey will be around for awhile. This year Moe, Brian, Pat, and ... Mike or Caddilac?

SuperGonzo: I hope to heck it's Mike.

nokio8423: Is this Brian Williams' last year as a Vike?

vikingspub: It's Brian Williams' last contract year, and I'm sure he'd like to be a starter, so it might be his last year. They did like what Ralph Brown gave them last year.

vikingspub: He's a serviceable nickel and good special teamer. Of course, you'd prefer Williams in the slot and Brown as dime depth. But it's also a deep year for drafting CB depth.

nokio8423: Thanks, pub.

kajjansiblackmamba: And there's always a chance of drafting a nickel back this year, too. It's a deep class.

nokio8423: I think B-will was my 2nd favorite player on this team.

SuperGonzo: Please tell me the rumors of trading our 2 first-rounders to Miami for #2 aren't true. I don't want to have to throw myself off the roof of my apartment building.

vikingspub: I'd be surprised if they went that high. Plus I think they'd like to have more flexibility in the next tier in case they see value in kicker.

SuperGonzo: There's no way that anyone can determine that Randy Moss was worth 1 first-rounder, yet Braylon Edwards is worth 2.

nokio8423: So if we draft Caddy, what do we do with our other 5 RBs?

vikingspub: There were too many questions last year at running back with Bennett's health, Mewelde's health and, dangit, you never know about Smith.

nokio8423: LOL, Smith might not even make it to training camp.

vikingspub: nokio, you are correct.

SuperGonzo: If the Vikings draft Mike Williams on Saturday, you can pencil him in as Offensive Rookie of the Year on Sunday.

vikingspub: Then what? Would you feel comfortable with Bennett and Moore, betting one of them is healthy enough to carry it 20 times a game?

nokio8423: LOL at Bennet and healthy in the same sentence.

kajjansiblackmamba: Barber might be a good choice.

SuperGonzo: I could live with Barber in Round 2 or 3.

vikingspub: I know they have interest in Fason, or at least did.

nokio8423: Fason reminds a lot of people of Fred Taylor.

nokio8423: I really like Ryan Moats.

coyote62: When will Nugent get drafted?

vikingspub: They might have to pull a second-rounder to draft Nugent. If so, tie up Studwell.

kajjansiblackmamba: Once again bringing up the 'trade down from 18' senerio.

SuperGonzo: How accurate are the trading up rumors?

SuperGonzo: (Sorry if it's already been asked)

vikingspub: Halfway accurate. They are looking at trading up, but I don't think as far as has been let on.

vikingspub: I also don't think they'd be opposed to trading down if they aren't thrilled with who is left.

SuperGonzo: But there's nothing "imminent" or anything?

vikingspub: Gonzo, hard to say on that one.

kajjansiblackmamba: Last one, what's your opinion on the Skins/Broncos trade?

nokio8423: Do you know if they have any interest in Shazor?

vikingspub: Haven't heard anything on Shazor, but I think they'd like to add a young safety.

vikingspub: I think the Skins got taken once again by their lack of patience. In the long run, that one has to favor the Broncos.

Yuleluder: Why didn't the vikes front-load Kampman's contract offer?

vikingspub: Yule, they gave him a $500,000 bonus and almost doubled what the Packers offered. In the end, I think that is all he was worth.

Yuleluder: He has a nose for the ball; I like him.

Yuleluder: The Vikes need more productive tacklers at DE.

vikingspub: If that's it, I'm out of here. We'll do our best to get a bunch of info up in a timely manner Saturday and Sunday.

vikingspub: It's going to be a long 10 days between draft weekend and minicamp weekend.

kajjansiblackmamba: Thanks for hostin, Pub

vikingspub: I'll see you on the VU Insiders message board later. Good night.

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