Trade Up? Not Likely

There's no questioning that Braylon Edwards will be a key component as to how the 2005 NFL draft plays out. But, will it involve the Vikings?

Anything that gets overanalyzed is dangerous. So it is with the NFL draft. ESPN has cashed in with hours of daily coverage -- highlighted by a hilarious mock draft worthy of mocking -- and turned Cal QB Aaron Rodgers from UberQB into a has-been in one week's time.

As a news channel, they have felt obligated to report what passes as news -- whether the stench of manure is in the air or not. One of the persistent rumors is that the Dolphins -- desperate to acquire picks to replace the heinous missing bridgework in their smile -- were talking to the Vikings about a swap of both their first-round picks for the right to take Braylon Edwards.

If fans have taken notice, all the talk has come from reporters who are Dolphin lapdogs. The only time any Vikings source has been quoted -- capologist Rob Brzezinski -- it was to say the Vikings would be much more likely to trade down than trade up. But, if the bile being passed along as fact has ANY validity, VU will ask the one question that matters if the Vikings move up to sign Edwards.

What's the question? If someone had asked you in January would you trade Randy Moss and your first-round draft pick for Braylon Edwards and Napoleon Harris, would you do it? The answer clearly should be no. If it's not, Mike Tice and Scott Studwell will be asked exactly that question. Hopefully, someone came up with that reality check at Winter Park -- making moot any speculation that such a deal will happen.

* ESPN draft overlord Mel Kiper released his draft guide less than two weeks ago. In it, he said WR Mike Williams was not only the Vikings pick at No. 7, but the top player on his "big board" -- backing that up Wednesday by saying Williams will be a Hall of Famer. But, when the Vikings are on the clock this afternoon, if Williams and Troy Williamson are both available, Mel will say Williamson is the pick. If he is, chalk that one up to an inside source at Winter Park.

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