Carter Officially Voids Contract

When asked by VU in late December about his future, Cris Carter said a lot of decisions would be made between then and February. He made the most important one Tuesday, however, officially leaving the Vikings.

The Vikings and Red McCombs have insisted all along that Cris Carter would and should remain a Minnesota Viking, despite obvious overtures otherwise made by CC himself.

Ranging from getting permission to talk to other teams and speaking openly about playing two more seasons with another franchise, all that technically stood from Carter leaving the Vikings was a contract that held him with the ball club.

That ended Tuesday, when Carter exercised a clause in the contract that voided the final years of his contract -- making him an unrestricted free agent as of today.

Carter had said he expected the Vikings to exerise its clause in the contract but, true to their word, the Vikings made an effort to keep Carter -- in effect saying, if you're going to leave, you pull the trigger.

He did, and it now looks as though Carter's illustrious Vikings career is over.

* Don't expect Denny Green to take the job with the Raiders. VU has heard that, despite an interest in the job, as the personnel stands right now, Green is not interested in taking over for the popular Jon Gruden. FOX Sports has taken it one step further, as one football writer said it's not simply that Rich Gannon dislikes Green, "he abhors him" -- saying that if Al Davis signed Green as his coach Gannon would demand a trade. That in itself, if true, would be enough to gas pipe a deal for Green.
* Chris Liwienski is close to signing a long-term contract extension that could run as long as seven years. The Vikings and Liwienski have agreed in principle on a contract, now it's down to contract language.
* VU has been told David Palmer has contacted the Vikings about coming back, but has been given a "thanks, but no thanks" at this point.
* Doug Chapman had a $5,000 fine reduced to $1,500 by the NFL. Chapman was fined for throwing a ball at a player in a Dec. 9 win over Tennessee, which, upon further review, was found not be as pissy as originally thought.

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