Fox Has Desire, Needs Position

The Vikings aren't exactly sure where Dustin Fox will fit into their defense quite yet, but they are sure they can use a player with his passion for the game.

When coaches and scouts look at players on film, they come up with ideas of where they project them to play. But in the case of Dustin Fox, even the Vikings don't know for sure.

A college cornerback, Fox is projected to be an NFL safety and coach Mike Tice said that some of his war room personnel did some serious lobbying for Fox.

"Dustin is a kid our scouting department really, really liked," Tice said. "Our coaches weren't sure where to put him – he played corner at Ohio State and talking to (OSU) coaches, they feel he's a safety."

While there might be some confusion as to where he'll play, there was no question that he has the desire to play, which made Tice an immediate fan of his new draftee.

"You could tell he was excited about joining the team when we called him," Tice said. "He ended up being my favorite call of the day."

That enthusiasm is going to be critical to Fox's adjustment to the NFL. It is believed he can allow Ken Irvin to move back to cornerback and turn what was recently viewed as a liability to the team into a potential strength.

While the long-term projection on Fox is a little unclear, one thing Tice is assured of is that he will make an immediate impact on special teams, where he has drawn comparisons to a former Vikings special teams demon.

"I see him as a Chris Walsh-type," Tice said. "He has a passion for the game. That is something we're looking forward to having on our team."

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