Bennett Draft Analysis

Michael Bennett

Running Back
211 pounds
Born 8/13/78



The range of opinions on most players varies, especially later in the draft. Here are snippets of information from various draft experts on the Vikings’ No. 1 pick, running back Michael Bennett:

Ourlads: "Came on strong as a first-year starter in ‘00. A little smaller than ideal. Has solid legs and decent overall strength … Quick off the mark. Gets outside well. Does a good job of cutting back when going wide. Has a great burst off cuts — gets to high gear quickly once he squares his shoulders. Runs hard but a little upright inside. Not a strong tackle breaker. Light on his feet — often looks to dive ahead rather than drive with his legs."

Lone Star Football: "Unbelievable speed — possesses the rare ability to hit paydirt every time he carries the ball from anywhere on the field. While his sprinter’s speed is awesome, what really makes him a special prospect is his explosive first step and the quickness in which he hits the hole … Must upgrade his pass-blocking and route-running. Not a real patient runner and doesn’t yet have the experience to make the right decisions .. Unproven pass receiver and must get bigger to be the feature back you’d expect in a first-round pick."

Mel Kiper (ESPN): "Shows just enough balance in traffic and will bust through an arm tackle. At the pro level, he’ll need to work on creating his own daylight and on developing into a consistent pass-receiving option. Last season, he caught just four passes. With his 4.31 speed and incredible athleticism, Bennett may force a team in need of a quality RB to reach just a little in order to bring him into the fold."

Joel Buschbaum (PFW): "One of the two or three fastest football players in America over longer distances and does not lose much speed when he puts his pads on. Is not a sprinter playing football, but a legitimate and tough player with good football character … Is just learning to run with patience and how to make his cuts without slowing down. Looks small, but he is powerful for his size and runs hard … Does not always show good vision or running instincts and judgment. Gets too impatient at times and does not wait for his blocking or waits too long … Had way too many pass rushers just go right through or around him. Has some off-the-field baggage."


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