Eric Kelly Draft Analysis

Eric Kelly

Born 1/15/77



The range of opinions on most players varies, especially later in the draft. Here are snippets of information from various draft experts on the Vikings’ third-round pick, cornerback Eric Kelly:

Ourlads: "Lacks good height but is well-built with solid legs and a muscular upper body. Strong. Good athlete, although a bit stiff. Physical with receivers. Has a quick low backpedal, decent hip turn and good speed. Quick footed out of his pedal. Shows good body control and balance going for the ball. Adequate in run support. Shows some energy but is a little hesitant at times in his initial forward movement — doesn’t wrap consistently — misses tackles a little too often."

Lone Star Football: "Experienced in man coverage and has ball skills. Has no problem running with the receiver on the go route. Offers good downfield defense on the deep ball. Regardless of his stopwatch speed, can run with most receivers. Fights his way off the block and sells out to make the tackle. Has strong hands, and once he locks onto the ball carrier he won’t easily let him go … Vulnerable to the double move. Doesn’t have the best feet for the position and is a step slow. Lets the receiver get the jump off the line too quickly at times and isn’t as polished as you’d expect from a three-year starter."

Joel Buschbaum (PFW): "Nice size. Big enough to be physical and to play bump-and-run. Good straight-line quickness and speed. Has a burst to close and can stay with fast receivers who are running down the field … A little bit tight in the hips and does not turn and change directions that well. Lacks ball awareness. Very often he will be right with his man and not see or react to the ball until it is too late to prevent the catch … Must learn to find the ball better if he is to play on the next level."


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