Chukwurah Draft Analysis

Patrick Chukwurah

239 pounds
Born 3/1/79



The range of opinions on most players varies, especially later in the draft. Here are snippets of information from various draft experts on the Vikings’ fifth-round pick, outside linebacker Patrick Chukwurah:

Ourlads: "A productive three-year starter. Player the "Bandit" position, which is essentially a standup end. Projects as an outside linebacker. Well-built. Has solid legs, a muscular upper body, and good overall strength. Primarily a forward attacking player. Aggressive off the ball. Can hold his ground well against blocks. Needs to use his hands better to shed. Comes off low but ducks his head at times and doesn’t locate. Hesitant in his reads but he pursues with good effort. Jumps into piles. Solid tackler. Has good balance. Effective pass rusher with good power, speed, and leaping ability. Somewhat of a straight-liner — lacks good moves. Has some experience dropping into coverage but isn’t fluid. A bit stiff. Sluggish in his change-of-direction. A little out of control and wild with his movements. Raw in terms of linebacker skills — will need a lot of time to develop."

Joel Buschbaum (PFW): "Quick, powerful and athletic for his size. Pretty good pass-rusher. Plays very hard. Motor is always going 100 mph. Has a special-teamer's mentality … Does too much gambling and gap-shooting, which creates holes in the defense when he guesses wrong. DE-OLB tweener. Too small as a down lineman, where he gets engulfed and buried by the big offensive linemen, unless he beats them cleanly. May not have the instincts or hips to be a top linebacker. Takes too many false steps, getting him out of position as a linebacker, and he really struggles to flip his hips when dropping into coverage … Is a warrior and pass-rusher, but I don't know if he can be a defensive end or linebacker in the NFL. May be best-suited to be a CFL defensive end."


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