Vikings Drafts 1961-62

Vikings Drafts 1961-1962

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Players listed in bold made the roster.

1961 Rookie Draft
(Drafted 1st) Dec. 27-28, 1960
1 Tommy Mason RB Tulane
2 Rip Hawkins LB North Carolina
3 Fran Tarkenton QB Georgia
4 Chuck Lamson DB Wyoming
5 Ed Sharockman DB Pittsburgh
6 Gerald Burch WR Georgia
7 Allen Ferrie WR Wagner
8 Paul Lindquist T New Hamphshire
9 Dan Sheenan T Tennesse-Chattanooga
10 Doug Mayberry RB Utah
11 Jerry Mays T SMU
12 Steve Stonebreaker LB Detroit
13 Raymond Hayes RB Central Oklahoma
14 Ken Peterson T Utah
15 Mike Mercer K Arizona State
16 Ted Karpowicz RB Detroit
17 Willie Jones RB Purdue
18 Bob Voight T Los Angeles State
19 Bill Hill RB Presbyterian
20 Mike McFarland QB Western Illinois
NOTE: Tommy Mason is not considered the overall number 1 draft pick 1961 in because the AFL and NFL had not yet merged. The NFL had their draft five weeks after the AFL initiated its draft: Nov. 23/Dec. 5 of 1960 vs Dec. 27-28 of 1960.

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1961 Veteran Expansion Draft
(Only team drafting) Dec. 4, 1961
1 Grady Alderman G Detroit, from Lions
2 Tom Barnett HB Purdue, from Steelers
3 Byron Beams T Notre Dame, from Steelers
4 Ken Beck DT Texas A&M, from Packers
5 Bill Bishop DT North Texas State, from Bears
6 Don Boll T Nebraska, from Giants
7 Ed Culpepper DT Alabama, from Cardinals
8 Don Ellersick DT Washington State, from Rams
9 Dick Haley DB Pittsburg, from Redskins
10 Jerry Huth G Wake Forrest, from Eagles
11 Charlie Janerette G Penn State, from Rams
12 Gene Johnson DB Cincinnati, from Eagles
13 Don Joyce DE Tulane, from Colts
14 Bill Kimber E Florida State, from Giants
15 Bill Lapham C Iowa, from Eagles
16 Hugh McElhenny HB Washington, from 49ers
17 Dave Middleton E Auburn, from Lions
18 Jack Morris DB Oregon, from Steelers
19 Rich Mostardo DB Kent State, from Browns
20 Fred Murphy E Georgia, from Browns
21 Clancy Osborne LB Arizona State, from 49ers
22 Dick Pesonen DB Minnesota-Duluth, from Packers
23 Mike Rabold G Indiana, from Colts
24 Perry Richards SE Detroit, from Cardinals
25 Bill Roehnelt LB Bradley, from Redskins
26 Karl Rubke LB USC, from 49ers
27 Gene Selawski T Purdue, from Browns
28 Glenn Shaw FB Kentucky, from Bears
29 Lebron Shields DT Tennessee, from Colts
30 Zeke Smith LB Auburn, from Colts
31 Jerry Stalcup LB Wisconsin, from Rams
32 Louis (Red ) Stephens G San Francisco, from Redskins
33 Charlie Sumner DB William & Mary, from Bears
34 Dave Whitshell DB Indiana, from Lions
35 Paul Winslow HB North Carolina Central, from Packers
36 Frank Youso T Minnesota, from Giants

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(Drafted 2nd) Dec. 4, 1961
1. No Choice,
Choice traded to New York for George Shaw
2. No Choice,
Choice traded, along with 11th choice, to Cleveland for Jim Prestel, Jim Marshall, Dick Grenci, Jamie Caleb, Billy Gault and Paul Dickson
3 Billy Miller WR Miami
4 Roy Winston LB LSU
5. No Choice
Choice traded to New York for Mel Triplett, Bob Schnelker, and B.Schmidt
6 Larry Bowie G Purdue
7 No Choice
Choice traded to Philadelphia in Jerry Reichow trade.
8 Paul White RB Buffalo
9 Marshall Shirk T UCLA
10 No Choice,
Choice traded to Cleveland for Bob Denton
11 No Choice,
Choice traded to Cleveland along with 2nd choice in 1962
12 Gary Fallon RB Syracuse
13 Roger Van Cleef T SW Oklahoma
14 Pat Russ T Purdue
15 Larry Guilford RB Pacific
16 John Contoulis T Connecticut
17 Ron Staley WR Wisconsin
18 Junior Hawthorne T Kentucky
19 Tommy Minter RB Baylor
20 Terry Cagaanen RB Utah State

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