Vikings Drafts 1967-69

Vikings Drafts 1967-1969

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Players listed in bold made the roster.

(Drafted Alternately 8th and 7th) Mar. 14, 1967
1 (A) Clinton Jones
Choice from NY Giants as part of the Tarkenton trade.
RB Michigan State
1 (B) Gene Washington WR Michigan State
1 (C) Alan Page
Choice from LA Rams for Hal Bedsole, Tommy Mason and 2nd round draft choice in 1967
DT Notre Dame
2 (A) Bob Grim
Choice from NY Giants
WR Oregon State
2 (B) No choice,
Choice traded to LA Rams
3 Earl Denny RB Missouri
4 Alvin Coleman DB Tennesse A&I
5 Ken Last WR Minnesota
6 No Choice,
Choice traded to Pitttsburgh for Phil King
7 Bobby Bryant DB South Carolina
8 (A) No Choice,
Choice traded to Pittsburgh for Dave Tobey
8 (B) John Beasley
Choice from Washington
TE California
9 Bill Morris G Holy Cross
10 Pete Tatman RB Nebraska
11 Bob Trygstad DT Washington State
12 Fred Cremer DT St John's
13 Charles Hardt DB Tulsa
14 Jim Hargrove LB Howard Payne
15 James Shea DB Eastern New Mexico
16 Gene Beard DB Virginia Union
17 Dick Wagoner DB Bowling Green

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(Drafted 6th) Jan. 30-31, 1968
1 (A) Ron Yary T USC Choice from NY Giants
1 (B) No Choice,
Choice traded to New Orleans for Gary Cuozzo
2 Charlie West DB Texas El Paso
3 (A) No Choice,
Choice traded to Pittsburgh for Brady Keys
3 (B) Mike McGill
Choice from Dallas
LB Notre Dame
4 Mike Freeman DB Fresno State
5 No Choice, traded to Washington
for Bob Breitenstein
6 Bob Goodridge WR Vanderbilt
7 (A) Oscar Reed
Choice from Atlanta
RB Colorado State
7 (B) Lenny Snow RB Georgia Tech
8 Hank Urbanowicz DT Miami
9 Mike Donohue TE San Fransisco
10 Tom Sakal DB Minnesota
11 Bill Haas WR Omaha
12 Howie Small C Rhode Island
13 Dick Wherry WR Northern State
14 Don Evans T Arkansas AM&N
15 Jim Haynie QB West Chester State
16 Larry Kuharich DB Boston College
17 (A) Bob Lee QB Pacific
17 (B) Bill Hull
Choice from Detroit
G Tennesse Tech
NOTE: Though the Vikings drafted in the 6th position for 1968, Ron Yary was the number 1 overall pick. In accordance with the AFL/NFL merger agreement, the New York Giants were awarded the 1968 number 1 overall pick as compensation for allowing the New York Jets to enter their market. The Vikings made a deal to get back a first-round pick it had previously lost and struck a deal with the New York Giants. As part of the deal, the Giants gave up their highest number 1 draft picks for 1967, 1968, and their highest 1969 second-round pick. In return, the Vikings handed over Fran Tarkenton. As it turned out, the Giants' highest number 1 pick for 1968 turned out to be the merger compensation pick. Thus, despite a 3-8-3 record in 1967, the Vikings acquired the 1968 number 1 overall pick.

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(Drafted 17th) Jan. 28-29, 1969
1 No Choice,
Choice traded to New Orleans for Gary Cuozzo
2 (A) Ed White G California
Choice from NY Giants as part of Tarkenton trade.
2 (B) Volly Murphy WR Texas-El Paso
3 No Choice,
Choice traded to Philedelphia for Phil King
4 Mike McCaffery LB California
5 (A) Jim Barnes
Choice from Atlanta
G Arkansas
5 (B) Mike O'Shea
Choice from Pittsburgh for Bobby Walden
WR Utah State
5 (C) Corny davis RB Kansas State
6 Marion Bates DB Texas Southern
7 No Choice,
Choice traded to Washington along with Marlin McKeever for Paul Krause
8 Harrison wood WR Washington
9 Tom Fink G Minnesota
10 Tom McCauley WR Wisconsin
11 Brian Dowling QB Yale
12 Noel Jenke LB Minnesota
13 Jim Moylan DT Texas Tech
14 Tommy Head C SW Texas State
15 Eugene Mosley TE Jackson State
16 No Choice,
Choice traded to Detroit for 17th choice in 1968
17 Wendell Housley DB Texas A&M

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