Vikings Drafts 1973-74

Vikings Drafts 1973-1974

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Players listed in bold made the roster.

(Drafted Alternately
12th, 13th, and 14th)
Jan. 30-31, 1973
1 Chuck Foreman RB Miami
2 (A) Jackie Wallace
Choice from St Louis in John Gilliam for Gary Cuozzo trade
DB Arizona
2 (B) No Choice,
Traded to St Louis for second round choice
3 (A) No Choice,
Choice traded to NY Giants as a part of the Tarkenton trade
3 (B) Jim Lash WR Northwestern
4 (A) Mike WellsChoice from St Louis QB Illinois
4 (B) No Choice,
Choice traded to Kansas City for Mike Eischeid
5 Brent McClanahan RB Arizona State
6 (A) Doug Kingsriter
Choice from New Orleans
along with 1974 4th choice for Bob Brown
TE Minnesota
6 (B) Fred Abbott LB Florida
7 Josh Brown RB SW Texas State
8 Craig Darling T Iowa
9 Larry Dibbles DE New Mexico
10 (A) Randy Lee
Choice from Philedelphia for Bill Cody
P Tulane
10 (B) Dave Mason DB Nebraska
11 Geary Murdock T Iowa State
12 Alan Spencer WR Pittsburg State (Kan.)
13 Ron Just G Minot State
14 Eddie Bishop DB Southern
15 Tony Chandler RB Missouri Valley
16 Larry Smiley DE Texas Southern
17 Dave Winfield TE Minnesota

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(Drafted 25th) Jan. 29-30, 1974
1 (A) Fred McNeil
Choice from Atlanta along with
Bob Berry for Bob Lee and Lonnie Warwick
1 (B) Steve Riley T USC
2 (A) John Holland
Choice from San Diego
along with 3rd choice for C. Jones and C. Gersbach
WR Tennessee State
2 (B) Matt Blair LB Iowa State
3 (A) Steve Craig
Choice from San Diego
TE Northwestern
3 (B) Scott Anderson C Missouri
4 (A) Mike Townsend
Choice from New Orleans as part of Bob Brown trade
DB Notre Dame
4 (B) No Choice, traded to Cincinnati for Steve Lawson
5 (A) James Ferguson
Choice from Denver along
with R. Sherman for G. Washington
DB Stanford
5 (B) No Choice
Choice traded to Baltimore for Charles Stukes
6 Mark Keller RB Northern Illinois
7 Fred Tabron RB SW Missouri
8 Berl Simmons K TCU
9 Sam McCullum WR Montana State
10 Barry Reed RB Peru State
11 David Boone DE Eastern Michigan
12 Randy Poltl DB Stanford
13 Gary Keller DT Utah
14 Alan Eixon RB Harding
15 Kurt Wachtler DT St Johns
16 John Goebel RB St Thomas
17 Earl Garrett DB Boston State

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