Loney His Own Man on O-Line

New offensive line coach Steve Loney has an intense style about him, but he isn't going to try and be Mike Tice, his predecessor on the line. Instead, Loney will work with Tice and rely on his own personality to come through.

Steve Loney has the task of replacing Mike Tice as the Vikings' offensive line coach. It should be an interesting assignment to say the least.

"I'd be stupid to think that I'm not going to be under probably as much scrutiny as probably anyone on this staff," said Loney, who spent the past two seasons as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Iowa State. "But I tend to think of things in positives, and to me the positives that come from that is he understands the position. Mike understands what you are trying to get accomplished, he understands what you are trying to teach."

Loney and Tice first met when Loney was an assistant on the Gophers coaching staff in 1998 and '99. "During that time, I would come down and watch (the Vikings) minicamp or watch a practice session," Loney said. "He and I would talk some schemes. I got some ideas that I utilized at Minnesota."

Loney, who left Iowa State to join the Gophers, returned to the Cyclones so he could be with his family. Loney's daughter, Kylan, was playing high school basketball in Ames and Loney received a contract at Iowa State that gave him the security of having a position through the time his daughter graduated in 2001.

With Kylan now playing basketball at Arizona State, Loney jumped at the opportunity to coach in the NFL again. "I think it's something that intrigues every coach," said Loney, the Arizona Cardinals' offensive line coach in 1993. "I don't think the NFL is necessarily for everybody, and I think it's something that you have to be made for. I do think that any coach that loves competition and loves the challenges of coaching is intrigued by the NFL because that's where the best players are. The challenges are the greatest. Had I gone my entire life and not coached in the NFL, I can't say that I would have felt unfulfilled. But certainly when I had this opportunity I jumped all over it."

While Tice was known for his vocal manner of coaching the offensive line, Loney said he will bring his own style to the position.

"The one thing I can't be is a phony," he said. "I can't try to be something that I'm not. You'll hear me from time to time. I'm more of a guy that is an intense coach, maybe not as vocal as people are used to., but I'm intense and certainly if I need to be I will be. I'm the type of guy that if I have a problem with a player I'll be honest with him. We'll come in and shut that door and I'll tell him where things stand."

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