Let It Go

The honeymoon phase of his Raiders career is just weeks old, but Randy Moss is sounding a lot like the Moss that alientated Vikings fans over the years.

Claiming he's been a star since middle school and has grown used to it, Randy Moss spoke out about his Vikings situation last weekend at minicamp. It seems that, despite seven years in the league and the anticipation of being an in-house leader, Moss still has many of the same problems that dogged him in Minnesota -- primarily not knowing when to keep his mouth shut.

From his media-extracted tirade following the 41-0 playoff loss to the Giants to saying he only plays when he wants to play to his weak defense of leaving the field early last season, Moss has always seemed to build resentment when he speaks. Add Raider Nation to his growing list.

In a media interview with Raider lap dogs, Moss claimed that the he tried to be more of a leader inside the organization, but added that "it came to stab me in the back or backfire on me."

He asked Raiders fans and media to "give me my space" when it comes to assimilating into the new organization. Translation? Leave me alone. Good one, Randy.

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