McCombs: Done Deal

Despite questions and concerns at the top of the Vikings sale list, owner Red McCombs came out Monday saying that he's confident the sale of the Vikings will be completed within the next month.

The sale of the Vikings continues as scheduled, according to owner Red McCombs. Despite some guesswork that has come into play with the replacement of Reggie Fowler as the point man to the sale, McCombs said Monday that he's convinced the sale will be approved and finalized in the next month.

In talks Monday, McCombs referenced new general parter Zygmunt Wilf, saying "it sounds like Zyggi's going to be a biggie."

Bad rhymes aside, VU has been told that the sale is all but complete -- with NFL owners scheduled to discuss/approve the sale of the Vikings when the owners meet in two weeks in Washington, D.C.

Fowler's failure to disclose his personal worth and his inability to produce that $150 million needed in cash to be the general partner led to the 11th-hour switch. Wilf has claimed that moving the Vikings isn't an option, but has also said that a roof on the stadium isn't necessarily a requirement.

With no stadium funding plan currently in place, McCombs will run while the getting is good and leave the stadium payment proposal to the new ownership group.

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