Strike Three?

Onterrio Smith's NFL future has been placed in jeopardy after he was detained last month by airport security, who made a surprising discovery in his luggage.

Last year when Onterrio Smith tested positive for a second time for marijuana, he was suspended four games and told if he tested positive again, he would be subject to a year-long suspension.

Considering that his NFL career would be at stake, one would assume that would have been the wake-up call he needed to turn his life around. Either that, or he would have to kick it up a notch to hide his drug use. Apparently Smith chose the latter.

On draft weekend, VU heard whispers that the Vikings' interest in one of the top three running backs available in the draft could have been prompted by Smith. While we weren't given specifics, one of the contentions was that Smith had a problem that could have resulted in a positive drug test.

Details are finally coming forward as to what prompted the concerns and the whispers. On April 21, Smith was detained by airport security officials after something in his luggage -- later determined to be a tube of toothpaste -- set off metal detectors. Upon examination of his bags, security officials made a surprising discovery.

Smith was in possession of a device called the Original Whizzinator, which is designed to beat standard drug tests. In the NFL, when players are tested, they must urinate in front of an NFL official. The kit, which Smith claimed he was bringing for his cousin, included vials of dried urine and a prosthetic penis that would give the appearance of the real McCoy and allow the user to give what the manufacturer claims is a foolproof way of passing a drug test.

It is unclear at this point whether Smith has violated the league's substance abuse policy with the masking kit, but it doesn't look good for him or the Vikings. VU has been told that the team is investigating the matter and won't discuss it publicly, but this could put Smith's 2005 season in peril, if not his Vikings career.

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