The Vikings will have to sit and wait to see what the NFL takes from the circumstances surrounding the detainment of running back Onterrio Smith last month in possession of drug masking periphernalia.

By now, most Vikings fans know more about the Original Whizzinator than they want to. Whether the device was intended for Onterrio Smith or not -- you can bet none of his cousins are stepping up and taking claim to being the recpient of the opened package -- it could very well end his career as a Viking one way or another.

VU has been trying to track down specifics on whether this in itself is a violation of league drug policy. While it is considered a violation to substitute a sample or attempt to intentionally alter a sample, merely possessing such devices in and of themselves is a gray area.

Few people with the Vikings were willing to comment other than to say they're waiting for results and that Smith has embarrassed himself and his team. But this incident could have a two-pronged outcome. First, the league could determine that Smith was in fact looking at the possibility of masking a urine sample -- which would be grounds for a one-year suspension. Second, the Vikings could say "enough is enough" as it did with Randy Moss and simply cut ties with him.

Unlike Moss, there won't be a trade market for Smith, who very likely cost himself hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars with his latest stunt. His attorney, David Cornwell, who also represents more famous and talented pot smoker Ricky Williams, maintains Smith's story that the Whizzinator was forgotten in his luggage and in no way implicates Smith as a drug user. That may be a harder sell and will leave the Vikings to do some soul-searching as to whether they want to continue going on with Smith as one of their players. That question will likely be answered in the coming weeks, and it wouldn't shock anyone that VU has spoken to if Smith is sent packing -- with the luggage items of his choice.

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