And Now Something Completely Different

Have you grown tired of Whizzinator talk? So have we. It's time for some good news for a change and Lance Johnstone has been a ray of light on an otherwise cloudy week.

Many fans think that NFL players are pampered rich guys that never have to work again after their NFL careers are over. A recent study of that claim proved that only 10 percent of players are able to retire and live the rest of their lives off their NFL salaries. For the rest, the prospect of getting a job after football can be a daunting task, but 30 NFLers took advantage this week of a seminar class offered by the Harvard School of Business.

Lance Johnstone was one of 30 NFL players to plunk down $10,000 to take a management seminar course at Harvard, which teaches business techniques and uses former NFL players as business models for the current crop of players.

The idea is to teach players how to properly market themselves and their business opportunities once the crowd noise subsides. Whether it be a small business or a large corporation, the Harvard course is designed to give players something to fall back on after their playing days are over.

VU applauds Johnstone for looking to his future and, for the time being, taking the word Whizzinator off of this page. Thanks, Lance.

* The next Vikings developmental camp will begin Monday. Almost all the Vikings players are expected to attend.
* The Bears may have done the Vikings a favor Thursday by signing kicker Doug Brien. On draft weekend, when the Vikings lost out on kicker Mike Nugent, coach Mike Tice was asked if Brien was an option to return to the Vikes. He begrudgingly said "yes" to that question. The Bears took him off the market, adding him to a pair of rookie kickers signed and signaling the end of the line in Chitown for Paul Edinger. Fans may remember the Vikings signed Edinger to an offer sheet two years ago only to have the Bears match the offer. The signing of Brien signals the end of the Bears' run for Edinger and should make him available sooner than later. Don't be stunned if the Vikings make a move for Edinger once he becomes available.

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