Say It Ain't So

According to a national source, Vikings DB Corey Chavous is a June 1 salary cap casualty. According to a team source, Chavous may be a little salty about "settling" for $1.9 million. Whether or not that's true will be determined Monday.

On draft weekend, a suspicious commentary on the selection of defensive back Dustin Fox was "analyzed" by a national publication's draft website -- saying the Vikings were prepared to cut loose Corey Chavous. A quick "hey, you" to the assembled masses in the media war room dismissed that rumor.

But, as the next developmental camp is set to begin Monday, VU has been told that the report might be correct – but not for the reason one would think. Apparently, Chavous wants more than the $1.9 million he is currently due. If that's the case, the writer may be right. If Chavous decides to make an issue of his contract, the team will move on.

With Brian Russell gone and little in the way of serious depth, Chavous is playing a dangerous game if he tries to push the buttons on the organization. It's a "no-win" situation that could make a Nostradamus out of a moron. Show up, Corey.

* Brian Williams still hasn't signed his $1.43 million one-year tender. Options? That's up to his agent. Expect to see a signing soon. No need being the example for the rest of the team to quake about.
* Daunte Culpepper will be honored Tuesday, Sept. 13 with the Congressional Caucus on Adoption Award in Washington D.C. VU applauds the honor and hopes that Daunte's mom is treated with equal or more respect.

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