Smith Has Explaining To Do

With the Vikings reconvening the troups for the next in a series of developmental camps, Onterrio Smith has some fences to mend and, at least internally, some explaining to do.

As it stands right now, all Onterrio Smith is guilty of is opening the eyes of the rest of the world to the Original Whizzinator. Think what you will about his actions -- as of yet, none of his cousins have stepped forward to say the test-beater was for him -- as it stands now, neither the team nor the league seems to be in any position to take punitive actions against him.

For the record, until Smith actually tests positive for drugs, having test-beating equipment in his luggage, while damning in the court of public opinion, doesn't equate to a positive test.

While the league is investigating the particulars of the case, it doesn't appear as though the Vikings can do anything in the way of punishment and, if the league tries anything without a positive test, you can bet the players union will jump in with an appeal.

As it stands, Smith is liable to only embarrassment and the potential of the Vikings saying "enough is enough" and releasing him. Barring something unforseen, it would seem the Whizzinator is little more than a prop and not grounds for suspension.

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