S.O.D. Is M.I.A. at Tuesday's Camp

Vikings running back Onterrio Smith, who was chased and photographed by curious reporters and photographers Monday, was a no-show at developmental camp Tuesday for what was cited as "personal reasons."

It didn't take a genius to figure out that, following last week's bombshell that Onterrio Smith was caught in possession of the now-famous Original Whizzinator at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, he would be accosted by the media at the start of the team's developmental camp on Monday. He avoided questions on the first day of camp and did so again Tuesday -- because he wasn't there.

Smith was a no-show Tuesday at camp, for what was explained as "personal reasons." VU has been told that the absence had nothing to do with the Whizzinator incident or any league-mandated drug testing and that he is expected to return to camp today.

Unfortunately for Smith, his career may end up being defined by this incident. Vikings fans still remember incidents that dogged the careers of Tommy Kramer and Keith Millard from decades gone by, so, as Smith attempts to regain his life back, it's going to be a long, hard climb back.

* In other Whizzinator news, the manufacturers of the device were on Capitol Hill Tuesday as congress investigates the legality of the device. While the Smith incident may be simply embarrassing for the Vikings, the owners of the company may have found a client too famous and could be brought down as a result of the Smith incident.
* Corey Chavous and Darren Sharper remained no-shows at camp, which has opened the door for Willie Offord and Ken Irvin to make a splash. Irvin has been working primarily at safety thusfar due to the lack of numbers.
* Former Viking Alan Page has been named the 2005 recipient of the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame Distinguished American Award. It is the 35th year the honor has been bestowed and the first time a former Viking has been named.

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