Wilf Says Vikes Will Stay

With the potential of being the official owner of the Vikings within the next three days, Zygmunt Wilf has finally spoken at Vikings fans -- promising he won't move the team.

When the first talk of the Vikings' pending sale came up, many fans had the same nervousness that swept over them when Red McCombs bought the team -- that the franchise would be relocated. And why not? Before buying the Vikings, McCombs tried to get a franchise in San Antonio and, with a stadium to house football, it was a viable option.

When the new ownership group was announced, that same panic hit home. Reggie Fowler was an Arizonan and Zygmunt Wilf and his pallies were from New Jersey -- not exactly hometown boys. But, speaking to Vikings fans for one of the few times since becoming the point man on the sale, Wilf promised the team isn't going anywhere.

Wilf, an acknowledged Giants fan and longtime season ticket holder, said in no uncertain terms that the Vikings are synonymous with Minnesota and that he has no intention of pulling the storied franchise up by the roots and moving them anywhere else. While Red McCombs said the same thing -- perhaps more because of an ironclad lease that would cost millions in lawsuit fees to break -- Wilf is saying all the right things to ease the fears of Vikings fans.

This may all be rhetoric -- he does come up for a vote this week and saying he's going to move the team would get at least a few owners to back away -- but at this point all Vikings fans can do is take him at his word and hope his word is worth believing.

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