Vikings Sale Could Receive Vote Today

The sale of the Vikings could come up for a vote late this afternoon or Wednesday morning at the NFL owners meetings in Washington, D.C. Zymunt Wilf and his investment group is expected to be approved, and the closing could be completed in a few weeks.

By this time tomorrow, Red McCombs could be a lame duck NFL owner. The sale of the Vikings from McCombs to Zymunt Wilf and his band of relatives and partners is expected to be approved at some point either today or tomorrow at the NFL owners meetings in Washington, D.C.

Wilf, an East Coast real estate developer, moved into the general partnership of the group after Reggie Fowler's finances came into question within the last two months. In the last few weeks, Wilf, who was initially a limited partner in the Fowler group, has moved into the lead role and is expected to assume at least 30 percent ownership of the Vikings.

The NFL owners will have to approve the sale for a reported $625 million to Wilf's group by a three-fourths majority vote, or 24 yes votes among 32 NFL teams. According to several sources in Washington, D.C., the key owners are confident the sale will be approved without any major issues. The finance committee is expected to give a recommendation for the approval, and the owners nearly always follow that recommendation.

The seemingly easy approval today or tomorrow is in stark contrast to when Fowler was the general partner. He began his stint with questions surrounding his resume, then the more serious questions surrounding his ability to provide at least 30 percent of the purchase price in cash. Those same financial questions appear moot in Wilf's case.

At present, the known investors in the Wilf group include Fowler, Alan Landis and David Mandelbaum, along with Mark Wilf (Zygi's brother), Leonard Wilf (Zygi's cousin) and maybe John Wilf (Zygi's son).


* The NFL owners will also consider reports on the new TV contracts, a potential team and new stadium in Los Angeles, and G-3 stadium funding, which could affect the Vikings' efforts to receive financial assistance in funding a stadium.

* As of Monday, 101 unrestricted free agents have signed with new NFL teams and 105 have signed with their old teams in the 2005 "offseason." Only three restricted free agents signed with a new team, while 115 signed with their old team.

* The Vikings may hope to increase that first number, as they have shown a new interest in free-agent kicker Paul Edinger, released Sunday by the Chicago Bears.

* Head coach Mike Tice told NFL Sirius radio that he intends to sign a free-agent running back before training camp if Onterrio Smith is indeed suspended for the season.

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