Carter To St. Louis?

VU has heard the buzz working in St. Louis -- bye, bye to Az and welcome to C.C.

Cris Carter was clear -- at least to VU -- that his future was going to be with a team he believes can make the Super Bowl in the two-year window of opportunity he's giving himself.

Whether it was his public pantsing that he got from Denny Green or a deteriorating relationship with Randy Moss that was the reason the Vikings didn't fit that criteria for Carter, it's up to him to decide. But, if a ring is his goal, he may have already found a landing spot.

VU has been told by both a source close to Carter and a source with the St. Louis Rams that the two sides could strike a deal soon into the free agency period. The Rams are likely to lose youngster Az-zahir Hakim in a bidding war and are willing to let veteran Rick Proehl go away, leaving a vacancy in an offense that uses multiple receivers in most offensive sets.

Enter Cris Carter.

From what VU is being told, Rams coach Mike Martz understands as well as anyone that the Rams' place in NFL history was stolen by the Patriots -- two titles in three years (especially in the era of free agency) would have solidified the Rams as a power team of the ages. Instead, the Rams are seen at this point as a one-hit wonder.

Again, enter Cris Carter.

With Ike Bruce and Torry Holt the Rams have two studs at wide receiver. Carter could become the possession receiver of a lifetime and is willing to take less money (we're hearing $3 million for two years) with the certainty of a Super Bowl run at the minimum and a title at the best to become a Ram.

While things could change, VU is banking that Carter will be true to his word, take the money and size his finger for a ring in the next two years as a member of the Rams.

* Chris Walsh agreed to a contract with the Vikings that reduces his injury liability to the team. As reported earlier this week by VU, if Walsh hadn't agreed to the deal set forth by the Vikes he would have been released.
* The Vikings have designs on four free agent re-signings. While other media outlets aren't listing priorities on the players, VU has been told the order of signing priority of the players the Vikings want to keep. They are: 1. Robert Griffith; 2. Dale Carter; 3. Kailee Wong; 4. Byron Chamberlain.
* If the Vikings can't sign any of the four players listed, they will go after the free agent market to make up the slack. Even if they sign all four, the team is confident they can sign a veteran DL and wide receiver -- a name already coming up is former Falcon Terance Mathis.
* Dennis Green isn't being seen as a candidate for the Raiders head coaching job. Al Davis is known for making "obscure" candidates -- guys who have never been head coaches in the NFL -- his top dog, and Green doesn't fit in that mold.
* Orlando Thomas is set to meet with Buffalo officials today about an opening with the Bills secondary.
* FOX Sports announced that John Madden has been released from the network, which could finally spell the end of the All-Madden team as we know it.

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