You Can't Make This Up

As if the Packers haven't had enough problems this offseason, a softball injury could have an impact on the 2005 season.

The Packers have had a pretty rough offseason to date. Not only did the team lose Darren Sharper and both starting guards as the result of woes with the salary cap, but wide receiver Javon Walker suddenly thinks he's deserving of Marvin Harrison money.

As gleeful Vikings fans watch the sad collapse of the once-mighty Packers, we have this from the "We Can't Make This Up" Department.

The Packers are awaiting word from team doctors concerning the knee of safety Mark Roman, who was injured over the weekend. Was it a minicamp injury? No. Was it an offseason workout injury? No. Roman was hurt playing in a charity softball game sponsored by QB Brett Favre.

As if the depleted Packers safety corps wasn't weakened enough, Roman could be lost for some time. He collided with defensive lineman Kenny Peterson and was helped away from the field by two woman -- you have to give Roman a little credit there.

Official word is expected today, but, while Favre may be spouting off about playing more than just the 2005 season, it might be time to let the softball tournament go by the boards -- the Packers don't have the depth to absorb the blow.

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