Lawsuit Anyone?

There's no telling if Onterrio Smith is a suing type, but if he is litigious, he's got motivation from a website taking shots at him.

The NFL is pretty serious about protecting its trademarks -- to the point that thousands of words have been banned from being on the back of jerseys, from curse words to "Stringer" or "Mexico."

So it came as a surprise to some of us at VU that the league hasn't shut down a website that is taking a shot at Vikings RB Onterrio Smith. The site -- Broken Bones Hockey -- came up with the slick idea to steal off the Original Whizzinator website by coming up with a T-shirt that pokes fun at Smith.

On the front of the T-shirt is a white background with the No. 32 and the term Whizzmaster on the front. On the back is a purple and gold background with the No. 32 and the name Smith. Surprisingly, VU first found this shirt as an advertising link on the Star-Tribune website with the claim underneath that the shirt is the "Official Onterrio Smith shirt."

While websites come and go, this is one that is begging to get sued. If Onterrio doesn't do it, perhaps the NFL should.

If you find spiked urine funny, get your Smith shirts while you can. We have our doubts that they'll be around much longer.

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