The Song Remains the Same

The pursuit -- perhaps trivial -- that the Vikings made for CB R.W. McQuarters ended Friday when he signed with the Lions. While he didn't end up as a member of the Vikings, he continued Detroit's recent history of addressing the corner position in a pass-happy NFC North.

The teams in the NFC North have taken very different paths to approaching the position of cornerback as it has pertained to playing the Vikings. The Packers have opted to use an inordinate amount of first-day picks on draft weekend to shut down what used to be a Randy Moss-led receiving corps. The Bears opted to double- or triple-team Moss to make the other 10 guys beat them. The Lions have taken a third approach – spend.

Entering last season, four of the top corners for the Lions were purchased on the open market – Dre' Bly, Fernando Bryant, Doug Evans and Dainon Sidney. It was a weakly veiled secret that the Lions gave Bly – who at that time was a nickel back for a relatively porous Rams defense – a monster contract simply so he wouldn't sign with the Vikings. The Lions stayed the course Friday by signing R.W. McQuarters, which in most areas in Wisconsin means "Rong Way."

VU has been told that, despite signing just a one-year deal with the Lions, the selling point for McQuarters was the opportunity to start – which, unfortunately for Lions fans, has been the lure to a dozen free agents since the turn of the millennium.

There has been considerable debate that the Vikings' interest in McQuarters was little more than a ploy to get Brian Williams to return to spring practices. To that end, it will eventually be successful. Williams is expected back when training camp opens and the Lions will once again tout a corner as a "shut-down guy" who will restore what remains of the roar.

Considering that McQuarters is the same game Steve Mariucci cut at midseason while he was the 49ers head coach, don't be shocked if the Lions once again don't get what they paid for.

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