Vikings Hope to Salt Away Morton

The Vikings unexpectedly found themselves with an opening at running back. They hope to fill that void as soon as a today.

As the Vikings begin the final three days before the players scatter in their own directions for six weeks prior to the start of training camp, the team has an unexpected (or so it would seem) opening from the one-year loss of Onterrio Smith.

That opening could be filled as early as today, as the Vikings have former Jets and Redskins RB Chad Morton in for a visit at Winter Park.

While Morton would help fill a roster spot at RB, his value is much more in terms of what he could bring to the kick return game. The Vikings have tried several players as kickoff and punt return men -- with limited results. Morton was such a gamebreaker that, two years ago when the Redskins did a blood purge of the Jets, Morton was one of the first players they grabbed.

Morton is expected to work out with coaches today and, if everything goes well, he could be on the field as early as tomorrow.

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