Where There's a Wilf, There's a Way

New Vikings owner Zygmunt Wilf will address the media today and it is expected that he will will make his first appointment a family affair.

Zygi Wilf has remained behind the scenes for most of the time that he was a partner in the Vikings ownership group -- before Reggie Fowler's role as lead investor collapsed and after.

That is expected to change today as Wilf addresses the local media from Winter Park and makes some his first executive decisions.

His first order of business is expected to be naming his brother Mark as team president. Mark was in attendance at the Vikings charity golf tournament that benefits the Viking Children's Fund Wednesday, donating $25,000 on behalf of the Wilf family.

While some fans have the same reservations about the Wilfs owning the team as they did when Red McCombs swooped in following the collapse of the Tom Clancy bid in 1998, there is a new sense of optimism that the Vikings will find a way to keep the franchise in Minnesota and keep the Vikes with the fans that made them a legendary franchise.

VU will be at the press conference and will provide updates on any big announcements that might be pending.

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