No Place Like Dome

A pit? Yes. A cheaply constructed hole? Yes. But according to new owner Zygi Wilf the Metrodome is a dump worth keeping.

For those who were afraid that the new ownership group was going to move the Vikings, Zygi Wilf continues to say all the right things -- even that the dump known as the Metrodome is the Vikings' home now and in the forseeable future.

Wilf, who bought the team after Red McCombs gave up on a stadium deal, told VU that the Metrodome is the Vikings home and will remain so if a stadium deal can't be done.

His strong words concerning the future of the Vikings remaining in Minnesota have been applauded by the locals and have bridged the gap between those who were concerned about the future of the franchise and those who have come to agree with owners who say the Metrodome is a compost heap with a roof.

Wilf said that he has begun the process of buying land for a future stadium in Anoka County, but until that process is complete, he's satisfied with the Metrodome. As hard as it may be for some to believe, it's good news for Vikings fans -- who are likely to hold Wilf to his pledge that the team will stay in Minnesota now and in the future.

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