Wilf Backs Up Talk

VU was among several print outlets that spoke with Vikings owner Zygi Wilf last week. He also did separate-but-equal discussions with the television media, and, in between digs at Red McCombs by the local talking heads, Wilf reiterated in no uncertain terms that the Vikings are going nowhere.

Remember when the first George Bush made his infamous remark "Read my lips -- no new taxes" in a campaign speech? If Zygi Wilf ever tries to make a move with the Vikings, he now has plenty of film to back up his pledge to Vikes fans never to move the team.

VU was among the several media outlets that had a chance to interview Wilf at Winter Park last week, but we were separated off from the TV crews -- which had their own agendas. One such crew was WCCO TV, a Twin Cities CBS affiliate that alternated time Sunday night between giving Wilf a forum to lay out his intentions for the franchise and bashing Red McCombs.

For his part, Wilf stressed he will be patient about getting a new stadium and will work within the system -- adding that he intends to focus on the site in Anoka County. For Vikings fans, his words said all the right things. He promised that the storied history of the Vikings is tied into the state and will remain in Minnesota. While McCombs said many of the same things, it appears on almost all fronts that, when it's Wilf saying it, it's much more easily believed.

The honeymoon period is well underway for Wilf and his ownership group and VU applauds his effort to allay the fears in Vikings fans that have been brewing for years. It appears that your Vikings are here to stay and that Zygi is in fact a biggie, as McCombs coined a few weeks back.

It may take time to see the full vision of what Wilf intends for the Vikings, but the clear indication is that, whatever that entails, it will include playing somewhere in the Twin Cities metro area for the forseeable future.

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