Chavous, Williams Expected Back

Neither Brian Williams nor Corey Chavous attended any of the teams numerous developmental camps during the last month, but VU is being told not to expect training camp holdouts.

The Vikings got a chance to see their many new faces on the roster during the team's developmental camps. Players like Fred Smoot, Sam Cowart, Pat Williams and Troy Williamson all got to strut their stuff.

But two holdover faces were missing -- Corey Chavous and Brian Williams. Williams has dropped to nickel back with the signing of Smoot. Chavous, who is under contract, held out claiming he should be paid more.

VU has been told that the holdouts are expected to end before training camp with Williams signing his one-year offer that would make him an unrestricted free agent in 2006 and Chavous showing up on time for the start of training camp.

With all the changes expected on both sides of the ball this season, the team has made it imperative that all players be in camp when it starts as the team prepares for what it believes is the its best shot at a Super Bowl since 2000. That will include Williams and Chavous and, as of now, there is every reason for team officials to believe that their holdout periods are nearing an end.

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