Tice Sets NFL Record

The Vikings are staying pretty quiet on the Mike Tice situation, which for league purposes anyway, seems to be finished.

When the story broke in Sports Illustrated earlier this year that Mike Tice was scalping Super Bowl tickets at three times their face value, one of the first rumblings was what exactly the ramifications would be.

For the NFL, this was unchartered territory. Never before had a head coach been charged with such a serious offense. Thursday the league came down with a $100,000 fine -- the biggest fine levied against a coach in league history. There had been some speculation that Tice might be subject to a suspension, since players have been routinely suspended for violating team rules.

The good news for Tice is that the matter is now closed and he will not face a suspension. But the NFL sent a clear message about scalping tickets -- Tice's fine was $25,000 more than Cowboys owner Jerry Jones fined then-head coach Barry Switzer for being caught by airport security with a handgun in his carry-on luggage.

While the NFL may be done with the matter, the IRS may be another story entirely. A Twin Cities newspaper did its part to alert IRS officials to the matter, which, according the source it contacted, said that if Tice didn't report the income from the profit he made on tickets, he could face retribution from the agency.

Tice, assistant coaches Dean Dalton and Rusty Tillman and owner Zygi Wilf were all unavailable for comment -- other than the press release sent to the media through the Vikings public relations office Thursday.

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