Viva Las Vegas

With every expert all the way done to drunken loudmouths throwing their two cents worth in as to how the Vikings will do in 2005, there's no better barometer for the feeling around the country than to go to the source. The NFL? Don't be silly. To Vegas, of course.

The Vikings have been a chic choice by many pro sports prognosticators to be the biggest team on the rise in the NFC this year. With additions made up and down the defense that look to make this group the best the Vikings have had since Red McCombs bought the team in 1998, many people have climbed on the Vikings' bandwagon.

But nowhere has that support been more evident than in Las Vegas. Since the end of the Super Bowl, the Vikings' 2005 odds have dropped from a lofty 35-1 to a much more manageable 14-1. In fact, according to Mark Goldman, sportsbook manager at the Ventian Sports Book, no team has had more wagers placed or money spent on them than the Vikings.

Still, Vegas only has the Vikings over/under win total set at nine -- which many Vikings fans believe is one or two (if not more) wins too low. Unless that changes, look for more bets on the Vikings to come flooding in.

The Vikings are the Vegas favorite to win the NFC North, with bettors needing to wager $115 to win $100. In contrast, the Packers would pay out $225 for a $100 bet, the Lions would net $285 for the same bet and the Bears would pay out a whopping $925 if someone is foolish enough to drop $100 on their flat nose.

So let the prognosticators do their pontificating. We'll stick with Vegas. They don't build those new casinos because they're wrong all the time. Book it, boys -- the Vikings will win the NFC North.

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