Loney Tunes

Steve Loney has a lot of responsibilities on his plate, but when it comes down to calling the plays that could make or break games, will Loney be the one making these decisions?

When the Vikings lost Scott Linehan to the Dolphins this offseason, there was quick speculation that the team would go out after an established NFL coordinator or one of the hot college coaches looking to move into the NFL.

Instead, head coach Mike Tice annointed Steve Loney, his offensive line coach, to the position. Loney retains his job coaching the O-line, but is also expected to come up with game plans from week to week and do the play-calling on Sunday.

However, don't expect that to last very long. VU has been told that, once the season begins, don't be surprised to see QB coach Rich Olson calling the plays or even Tice himself.

The team plans to use the preseason to see if Loney can effectively juggle the day to day grind as line coach with the increased responsibility of overseeing the entire offense. While it sounds good on paper now, don't expect it to last.

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