Time Ticking on CBA

The NFL and the players union is working behind the scenes to get a new collective bargaining agreement in place, because too much is at stake right now for an agreement not to be put in place.

There have been several delays in getting a new collective bargaining agreement done between players and owners in the NFL, but fully expect something to get done.

Both sides have a hammer in their favor. For the owners, it's the prospect of players going from needing four years service time to become an unrestricted free agent in 2007. For the players, there's the option that 2007 will be an uncapped year -- allowing owners to pay whatever they deem fair and necessary to potentially build a one-year wonder of a team.

VU has been told that other sticking points include the players wanting stadium revenues included in the salary cap figures teams must follow and owners wanting to reserve those non-football revenue streams for themselves.

That's the bad news. The good news should be that the NFL is prospering like never before and, in the final analysis, there should be enough money to go around for everybody -- if the two sides don't get too greedy.

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