Wilf Sees One Vikings Compound

New Vikings owner Zygi Wilf said Friday that he envisions the Vikings Anoka County complex to be one-stop shopping for the Vikings fans in all of us.

When Zygi Wilf bought the Vikings, he also inherited property and equipment. While Wilf was quick to admonish the rotting Vikings ship at the front of Winter Park, which Wilf continually refers to as "the shipwreck," he got himself a sweet piece of property as part of the deal.

When Winter Park was built 25 years ago, it was considered the outskirts of the Twin Cities metro area and the team made a tidy profit selling their old headquarters on France Avenue in Edina. This time around, it could be considerably more valuable.

Prior to moving to Winter Park, the Vikings used to conduct some practice times at Normandale Community College. When they built the facility, it included enough real estate to house an outdoor practice field.

In Wilf's dream of having a Vikings complex along with the stadium in Anoka County, it would include a practice facility and likely house the team for training camp -- bringing in untold thousands each year from fans prepared to pay-per-gawk to see their favorite Vikings players. In turn, he can sell the current Winter Park property, which is now surrounded by some of the spendiest properties in the Twin Cities area -- and do a great job at offsetting some of the costs of building a new facility.

While Red McCombs left with a tidy profit, if Wilf can maximize anything, it's a profit on land sales and development. To him, Winter Park could be worth much more sold than owned.

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