Red Remembers

It may not seem like it at first blush, but one of Red McCombs favorite moments as Vikings owner actually came during a loss.

When Vikings fans remember highlight moments in the history of the franchise, you wouldn't think a loss would be among them. But, for former owner Red McCombs, a loss ranks among the highlights.

In the next print edition of Viking Update, McCombs opens up about his successes and failures as an owner and one of his happiest moments came during a loss to the Ravens. Red explains:

"One moment the fans might not consider a satisfying moment was Mike Tice's first game as head coach. Dennis Green had stepped away days before the end of the (2001) season and we were in Baltimore for the final game of the year. We had a goal line stand from a defense not known for that kind of thing. It was late in the game and we were still in it. We held those bastards down. We knew (Brian) Billick's ego wouldn't have him kick a field goal and we stopped him. We didn't win that game, but it was very satisfying moment at the end of a disappointing season."

What were some of his other highs and lows? Be sure to check out the next edition of VU -- hitting newsstands in the next couple of weeks.

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