Vikings Will Wait In Draft

The NFL will conduct its 29th annual supplemental draft tomorrow and all indications continue to say that the Vikings won't be involved at all -- which wouldn't be unusual.

There are casual fans who have never heard of the NFL's supplemental draft. Even those who have likely couldn't tell you when the draft is held, where it's held and what the rules are.

To answer those questions, the draft is tomorrow, it is being conducted out of the league office in New York and the rules are basically the same as the draft conducted last April.

The teams are slotted in the same draft order as they were in April and, if a team is willing to part with a first-round pick -- very rare -- they can get the player if nobody higher than them is selected. The process goes on until seven rounds have been completed.

While the regular draft gets a lot of hype, the same isn't true for the supplemental draft. Held since 1977, the two top prospects in the draft are USC defensive tackle Manuel Wright and Michigan State wide receiver Agim Shabaj.

Neither player will likely be grabbed with a first- or second-round pick and may not go until the fourth round unless a bidding war can be generated.

In the 29 years of the supplemental draft, the Vikings have only taken a player once -- using a fifth-round pick in 1988 to take South Carolina wide receiver Ryan Bethea.

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