Vikings Seek League Waiver

Under the new policy in Mankato that will charge fans to watch practices, the door has been opened for scouts from other NFL teams to watch the practices without violating league rules.

As the outrage among some fans over the decision to charge them to attend training camp to watch practices wasn't enough, the Vikings are seeking some relief from the NFL.

The policy, which would charge fans between $5 and $20 to watch practices, has only been tried once. The Redskins and owner Daniel Snyder tried to raise additional revenue by charging $10 for fans 13 and over and $10 for parking during training camp practices. The plan was not only a dismal failure and scrapped within a year, both the Giants and Cowboys were able to send scouts to the practices. If there is no charge, opposing teams by league rule can't attend another team's practice.

The Vikings claim that because there is an area beyond one of the end zones that is free and open to the public, that the prohibition on scouts should remain. The league has yet to respond to the Vikings' claim. When they do, VU will forward that information.

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