Holdouts Coming?

With one week left until most teams head into training camp, not a single first-round pick has signed and there are concerns that there will be plenty of holdouts.

When you continue to hear news that first-round picks still aren't signing, it has to be worse for Vikings fans, since the team has two first-rounders.

But there seems to be a fundamental difference this year that could result in several protracted holdouts. It would seem every agent is waiting for someone else to sign before his client, which has become a league-wide waiting game in which no first-round picks have signed as of this writing.

The issue appears to be the slotting of salaries with the corresponding picks. Owners believe the difference should be 6-8 percent above the contracts for 2004 draft picks. The agents are saying more along the lines of a 10 percent increase.

Once the first couple of picks sign on the dotted line, many more will fall like dominoes. But until the picks start signing, it's going to continue to be a waiting game.

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