Life After Moss

Most of the offseason chatter surrounding the Vikings has been about defense. But, there may be just as significant changes made on the offensive side of the ball.

The Vikings have a ton of changes planned for 2005 -- many of which involve changing personnel on the defense. But, the offense will likely see just as many changes if not more from last year.

The most obvious change will be at wide receiver, where Randy Moss is no longer the focal point of the offense. Considering it took the Vikings three years to adequately replace Cris Carter, there are reasons for concerns that Moss can be effectively replaced.

The loss of Onterrio Smith also creates room for competition as Moe Williams, Mewelde Moore and Ciatrick Fason try to improve their spots in the team's RB pecking order.

At wide receiver, there will be similar battles, as rookie Troy Williamson and veteran Travis Taylor try to compete with Marcus Robinson and Kelly Campbell for a starting spot opposite Nate Burleson. Competition could be fierce as each tries to make the burden of "No Moss" lessened.

Even the O-line will be different with the expected return of Matt Birk, Mike Rosenthal and Jim Kleinsasser. With all three of them out last year, the Vikings line was a patchwork that held up but barely.

Most of the media focus starting next week will likely be on the Vikings defense. But, when all is said and done in training camp, it will be the unresolved changes on offense that might be the bigger story.

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